"CASH WALLET" 25.12.2023

Inspired by the theme of a RM100 gift exchange on the eve of Christmas, our handmade wallets encapsulate the essence of thoughtful gifting. Instead of opting for ready-made presents, the designers at phyn studio ingeniously transformed IKEA PÄRKLA into compact and practical "Cash Wallets."

Each wallet securely holds Malaysian Ringgit banknotes, safeguarded within a semi-transparent white canvas pouch. This unique design allows a peek into the contained cash, creating an allure of utility while ensuring the bills remain untouched.

"All cash was sealed, no cash was harmed" – this encapsulates the ethos of our Craft Wallet, ensuring the preservation of the enclosed currency while offering a touch of intrigue and functionality to your gifting experience.

作品灵感来源于圣诞节前夕的百元交换礼物主题。与其直接购买现成的礼物,phyn studio设计师巧妙地将IKEA PÄRKLA改造成小巧实用的“CASH WALLET”。每一张马币安全的封存在钱包里,透过半透明材质的白色麻袋,隐约可窥见想用却用不了现金。

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